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-          Substances (supplements) used for oral treatment

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-          Side effects?

-          Remarks

-          Costs of treatment

-          Statistics (chances of repigmentation)

-          Questionnaire

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But you can rely on the essential information of its contents.

The following chapters will give you enough basic information for understanding our treatment of vitiligo.

In Chapter C we give you information about how to get into contact with our clinic for treatment of your vitiligo (even if your home may be too far for a visit at our clinic).

Chapter A: Basic information on VITILIGO and how we treat this skin condition.

Chapter B: How do we proceed practically in the treatment of your VITILIGO ?

Chapter C: How we proceed in the case of consultation exclusively by telephone and e-mail

Chapter D: How will you get your supplements for treatment?

Chapter E: Consultation fees and costs for supplements needed for the treatment of your VITILIGO condition  

Chapter A:

Basic information on  VITILIGO and how we treat this skin condition.

- VITILIGO can be treated successfully

 (For success rates and chances refer to "Chances" (brighter blue button above!))

- For your treatment of VITILIGO we exclusively use eubiotic substances (substances which are natural parts of our metabolic system and without which our metabolic system cannot survive (concentrated essential nutrients). For details please refer to "Substances"  (brighter blue button above!)                                                                               
-  1. We treat VITILIGO with essential nutrients, which are needed in the biological process of pigment synthesis.

-  2. We treat VITILIGO with vitamins, which lower the concentration of HOMOCYSTEIN in our system (one assumes that HOMOCYSTEIN plays an obstructing role with the synthesis of melanin (= pigment synthesis).

-  3. We treat VITILIGO with antioxidants.                                                                                                                                                                 Multiple scientific articles prove that free radicals or pro-oxidative agents play a role with VITILIGO. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. (Please refer to “Medline” in the internet and also to our collection of studies (Go to the dark blue button “Therapie” and „Studien “ (mixed English and German language for the studies)!)

-  4. Any effective treatment of VITILIGO needs adequate UV-irradiation (details under "UV-Irradation" (brighter blue button above)).

- Although sunbathes should be enjoyed with VITILIGO only carefully (always avoid sun burns!), the natural sun irradiation can be used for repigmentation from time to time and replace the "artificial” irradiation with UV-lamps occasionally. Still the “artificial“ irradiation with UV-lamps should be the main source of UV-irradiation for the treatment of VITILIGO.

- Side-effect? There are nor side-effects to be expected.

This is due to the nature of the substances which we prescribe. They are natural part of our metabolic system.

The difference between food intake which naturally contains the same substances and our prescription, is the therapeutically dose, which of course is much higher than what our food would contain. In contrast to the usual side-effects of artificial drugs (xenobiotics), the side-effects which our patients report with the oral treatment of their Vitiligo are positive ones:

-Better resistance against common infections.

-Better energy level,

-Better mental concentration,

-Better psychological and somatic condition in general

 -VITILIGO is spread relatively evenly over all races, all skin colors, all continents and climate zones, all nutrition cultures (about 2% of the population world wide).
Thus it seems clear that neither nutritional habits, nor different lifestyles or environmental influences or the quantity of average exposure to the sun play a role in the incidence of VITILIGO.
That must be stated, because many of our patients are worried about, what they may do wrong with their life habits that may have caused their VITILIGO, or what they could personally change in their lifestyle in order to get rid of their VITILIGO. The answer to this question reads: probably nothing that concerns such factors specified above.

-How does VITILIGO change over the years? Certain VITILIGO areas can disappear spontaneously (but also reappear some times later). This spontaneous repigmentation of VITILIGO however, appears more rarely, than it’s progression, thus the degradation of the VITILIGO . Occasionally the VITILIGO appearance can remain unchanged over many years.

- At which age VITILIGO arises? VITILIGO can occur in the first year after birth (i.e. actually with birth). On the other hand, it can occur with the age of 50, 60, 70 or at any age between birth and old age.

- VITILIGO is probably above all a metabolic variant, which is genetically conditioned.

Parents or grandparents can genetically be carriers of VITILIGO, without VITILIGO to become visible as white areas on their skin (no manifestation of their genetic determination). May be VITILIGO shows up only with their children, who then may believe, VITILIGO would not occur in their family except in themselves.

Sometimes children may get VITILIGO for example at the age of 19, their parents however only at the age of 60 or later, so that when the child shows VITILIGO, the parents are not yet affected.

- Statistically VITILIGO accurse frequently together with the so-called Hashimoto Tyreoiditis (a chronic inflammation of the thyroid, which leads with time to the loss of function of the thyroid), probably due to an autoimmune process. A causal treatment of the Hashimoto Tyreoiditis is not available (usual therapy: Thyroid Hormone Substitution). A treatment of Hashimo Tyreoiditis does not have any therapeutic influence on the improvement of VITILIGO.

- Factors that may cause or trigger the visible onset of VITILIGO (manifestation) or detoriate its appearance:

1. Genetic disposition
2. Autoimmune process
3. Neuro-cutane decoupling
4. Neurogenic toxic effect
5. Traumatic dammage, for example after sunburn or other injuries.

6. Oxidative Stress/ surplus of free radicals
7.Hormonal influences  (pregnancy!)

Comments on these factors above are only available in German on this homepage presently!
Please refer to “Ursachen” if you can read in German!

- If VITILIGO is successfully treated with our method: can we say that VITILIGO is definitely "healed"? The answer reads: no! VITILIGO can only be treated successfully in its visible manifestation (those white areas on the skin will disappear!). This is great, isn’t it! But these white areas (or different areas compared to those before) m a y reappear sooner or later (years or decades later). This is because we can not (yet) change the genetic determination of VITILIGO. The possibility of reappearance of white areas remains. But then again we will be able to treat those white areas, so that they may disappear again (for years or decades hopefully!). We also have a chance to avoid the reappearance of white areas after a successful treatment of VITILIGO by continuing to take those supplements that we use for the acute treatment of VITILIGO, but in lower dose (half dose or less compared the actual acute treatment course). This should help in theory, but it will have to prove right in practice in the future (we perform this treatment since 1999 only, so that we cannot prove anything which regards a time span longer than 7 years.

- What do we not use in our therapy? : Khelin, Psoralen, Vitix, Placenta, Dead Sea salt.

- What do we occasionally use in addition, if the Vitiligo proves resistant  to our treatment after 6 months? : Elidel or Protopik or ev. Psorcutan or Daiwonex.

- In which form does the repigmentation occur and how long may it take, until a repigmentation shows? (Please refer to "Remaks"; brigther blue buttons above!)

- Costs and refunding by the insurance companies (this statement only regards German insurance companies!):

Our consultation costs and other medical fees are refunded by the private insurance (Germany!).

The costs of our prescriptions are mostly paid (however not always) by the private insurance companies. Sometimes however only, after we define the given patient’s individual situation regarding his VITILIGO in more details by a written report to the insurance.

Chapter B:

How do we practically proceed in the treatment of your VITILIGO ?

(For an overview of the respective fees, please refer to “In Short” at the end of this chapter)

Our patients will have their first consultation (by visiting our clinic or by telephone consultation) which would take about one hour of time.

After this our patients will get their prescription for treatment and a treatment plan.

Our fees for this first consultation is called our basic consultation fee.

After about six months of treatment which will be performed by the patient at home or in his hometown, our patient will contact us again (telephone or visit) in order to evaluate the intermediate result of his treatment.  At the end of this six months treatment period a certain degree of repigmentation (minimum 20% of pigments regained) should be clearly visible, so that we evaluate the treatment result as positive, which shows that the patient is responding to treatment.

If the patient responds to the treatment by pigmentation as defined above, the treatment can be continued.  How long it will take before the repigmentation achieves 100% or how long it would take for the end result of the treatment which may be less than 100% repigmentation, cannot be foreseen at that time.  But any positive response in the sense above means that it is useful to continue with the treatment until satisfied.

 If there is no responds to the treatment, we will have to decide weather to give the treatment another chance of three months of time, or to add any supplement (increase folic acid in dose or add Protopic or Psorcutan to the treatment) or to give up the treatment as non responsive.

This second main consultation after 6 months would take about 30 minutes of time.  The fee for this consultation is 60 €.

 If the patient is responding positively to the treatment after these six months (statistically in 70% of the cases) the treatment will be continued as long as the repigmentation is continuing.  When there appears a top in repigmentation (stagnation of pigmentation) the treatment should be interrupted for about two months and then restarted again.  After such a break in the treatment, especially regarding the irradiation therapy, the repigmentation starts again quite often, when the treatment is continued after such a break.

Any consultation or prescription needed after our consultation after six months, will be charged according to the consultation time (about 20 € per 15 minutes of consultation time; consecutive prescriptions would be charged about 10 € (plus postage fees for patients living outside Europe).

In Short

A)                 First consultation to start your treatment (about 1 hour). Fees incl. written treatment plan plus prescriptions for 6 months: 135 EUR.

B)                  Second consultation after 6 months (about 30 minutes). Fees about 60 EUR.

C)                  Consecutive consultations after this, as needed  Corresponding fees: about 20 EUR for each started 15 minutes of consultation and about 10 EUR for each consecutive prescription (pus postage for patients outside Europe).

Chapter C:

How we proceed in case of consultation exclusively by telephone and e-mail

Some people may not be able to visit our clinic due to the long distance from their home.

We have prepared an efficient way to perform our consultation by telephone and by email.

We are able to do this (telephone) consultation in German, English and French.

For this purpose we would need a qualified doctor's statement for the patient’s diagnose “Vitiligo”.

If possible it would be useful to take some digital photographs of the affected areas of Vitiligo and send them by e-mail to our e-mail address:  We also have prepared a questionnaire which we like you to fill with your personal details asked and send it to our e-mail address as well.

We also ask you to send an acknowledgement of the costs of the treatment (Form: “Fees for consultation”).

After we have received all at the above (underlined) by e-mail (if you have no digital photographs of your vitiligo, this is not serious), we will confirm the arrival of your e-mail and we will ask you to call us in order to arrange a consultation by telephone. Our Telephone number is:

++ 49 (0) 89 8982650.

This first consultation will take about 45 minutes to one hour of time (please find a cheap way to cut down telephone costs!)

After this you will receive our prescription for your VITILIGO treatment by letter together with a detailed description of your treatment program.

We do not ask you to transfer our consultation fees in advance, because we trust our patients and have never failed in this matter. We will send you our bill for consultation fees together with your prescription and your treatment program and you may transfer the amount due to our banc account after you receive our bill.

We hope that you agree that our basic consultation fee (135 EUR incl. all documents and prescriptions for six months (plus postal fees for patients outside Europe)) relates to a consultation time (by telephone or during your visits in our clinic) of one hour maximum. If both parties (you and me) concentrate on the essentials of this consultation, one hour of time will be more than sufficient.  If you have many additional questions to ask and many remarks to do, we do not mind to answer them all and listen to your personal history.  But if this consultation takes considerably longer than one hour we will have to charge you another 20 € for every 15 minutes of consultation time in excess.  Thank you for your understanding.

Chapter D:

How will you get your supplements for treatment?

You will have to order your supplements for the treatment by our local pharmacist in Munich, because this pharmacist prepares some of the supplements needed individually, which cannot be found on the market.

For this purpose we will give you the address, telephone and fax number of our pharmacist, so that you can order your supplements personally.

How to pay the pharmacist for your supplements?:

For patients outside Germany and Austria the pharmacist will ask you to pay your supplements in advance.  Please ask the pharmacist by fax to send you the bill for your supplements. For this you will find the pharmacist’s bank details in your treatment letter as well.

If you prefer to pay by credit card, please contact the pharmacy!

Postal charges:

Inside Europe (outside Germany and Austria) the postal charges for an insured parcel containing your supplements will cost about 25 € in addition of the costs of your supplements. Inside Germany the postal fees are about six euros and for Austria in about 12 €.

For the postal charges outside Europe you may consult the pharmacy by fax first.

Chapter E:

Consultation fees and costs for supplements needed for the treatment of your vitiligo

1. The costs of the supplements needed for treatment of your vitiligo are about 100 EUR per month (postage not included).

Each prescription covers 2 months, so that your order of supplements for each prescription will cost about 200 EUR plus mailing (for the exact price of the supplements and mailing, please contact the pharmacy in Munich.

2. Consultation fees:

-First consultation to start your treatment (about 1 hour). Fees incl. written treatment plan plus prescriptions for 6 months: 

135 EUR

-Second consultation after 6 months (about 30 minutes). 

about 60 EUR.

-Consecutive consultations after this, as needed. Corresponding fees: 

 about 20 EUR for each started 15 minutes of consultation 


about 10 EUR for each consecutive prescription

(pus postage for patients outside Europe).       

3. Costs for UV-irradiation

For the treatment of vitiligo UV-irradiation is essential. No sun-no pigmentation!

More complex statements about UV-exposure are given in the chapter “UV-Bestrahlung” under the main chapter “Therapie” (presently available in German only!; but you will get detailed information about your UV-therapy together with your prescriptions and treatment program after our consultation.

The costs for this UV irradiation depend on where you live (in a country with lots of natural sun or in a region with only a few sunny days per year).

In the case you depend on artificial UV-radiation for continuous UV treatment, you will have two visit a “Sonnenstudio” as we call it in German; maybe the English translation of this is sun-studio.

There are also special UV-B (311nm)-lamps available on the market which can be hired or bought. But these are quite expensive (about 1000 UER for a lamp 60x40 cm in size).

I suggest that you better go to a sun studio for UV-therapy (which will be UVA, not UVB!) Or buy your own UVA-lamp, the size of which you need, depends on how your vitiligo he is scattered (spread) over your body.

We will have to discuss which size of lamp you will require for treatment in your special case .

This is why I cannot say too much about how much your personal treatment for your specific needs of UV-treatment will cost,  before I know more about your specific VITILIGO condition, regarding the question of how much of your skin surface is affected.

Dr. Thomas Matschurat, Steinkirchnerstr. 8, 82166 Graefelfing, Germany, Tel + 49 (0) 89 8982-650, Fax -6598