Consultation fees and costs for supplements needed for the treatment of your vitiligo

1. The costs of the supplements needed for treatment of your vitiligo are about 100 EUR per month (postage not included).

Each prescription covers 2 months, so that your order of supplements for each prescription will cost about 200 EUR plus mailing (for the exact price of the supplements and mailing, please contact the Kloesterl Apotheke (Pharmacy).

Postal charges:

Inside Europe (outside Germany and Austria) the postal charges for an insured parcel containing your supplements will cost about 25 € in addition of the costs of your supplements. Inside Germany the postal fees are about six euros and for Austria in about 12 €.

For the postal charges outside Europe you may consult the pharmacy by fax first.

2. Consultation fees:

-First consultation to start your treatment (about 1 hour). Fees incl. written treatment plan plus prescriptions for 6 months:


135 EUR


-Second consultation after 6 months (about 30 minutes).


about 60 EUR.


-Consecutive consultations after this, as needed. Corresponding fees:


about 20 EUR for each started 15 minutes of consultation




about 10 EUR for each consecutive prescription

(pus postage for patients outside Europe).


3. Costs for UV-irradiation

For the treatment of vitiligo UV-irradiation is essential. No sun-no pigmentation!

More complex statements about UV-exposure are given in the chapter “UV-Bestrahlung” under the main chapter “Therapie” (presently available in German only!; but you will get detailed information about your UV-therapy together with your prescriptions and treatment program after our consultation.

The costs for this UV irradiation depend on where you live (in a country with lots of natural sun or in a region with only a few sunny days per year).

How to pay the pharmacist for your supplements?:


For patients outside Germany and Austria the pharmacist will ask you to pay your supplements in advance.  Please ask the pharmacist by fax to send you the bill for your supplements. For this you will find the pharmacist’s bank details in your treatment letter as well.

If you prefer to pay by credit card, please contact the pharmacy!

How do you pay for our consultation fees?

We do not ask you to transfer our consultation fees in advance, because we trust our patients and have never failed in this matter. We will send you our bill for consultation fees together with your prescription and your treatment program and you may transfer the amount due to our banc account after you receive our bill.