In summary we mainly use the following substances (supplements) or a part of it  for treatment of VITILIGO:

-Phenylalanine, Copper                      (Supporting the synthesis of melanin (pigment))*
-Vitamin B12, B6, Folic Acid              
(Reduction of  Homocystein-concentration)*
*) Please refer to "Biochemie" on this homepage!)

-Vitamin E,                                            
(In case of the simultanous presence of „Hashimoto Thyreoiditis“ or other autoimmune processes or inflammations

-Vitamin D-Crème (local applic.)     (in special situations)

-Vitamin C, E, cysteine, glutamine, zinc, manganes, selenium and other substances which are active antioxidants.

-Enzymes                                              (In case of the simultaneous presence of „Hashimoto Thyreoiditis“ or other autoimmune processes or inflammations)

-A special Multivitamin-Multimineral-Preparation with supplements which are focused on antioxidants.

The dose of the different supplements may be different for each patient according to his specific Vitiligo or condition.

We are not defining the therapeutic dose of the different supplements on this internet page, because they have two be defined during the consultation with the patient .

We shall remind you at this point, that in adequate UV-irradiation is the other necessary part of the beleaguered treatment (please refer to “Irradiation therapy”)

Since September 2004 we have created a special supplement in powder form, which is prepared by our pharmacists in Munich (Kloesterl Apotheke), which contains all basic substances necessary for the treatment of Vitiligo (in addition to 2 different types of capsules which are also part of our prescription).

This powder contains (without giving details about the amount of each substance):
- l-Phenylalanine
- Methylcobalamine
- Folic Acid
- Pyridoxin HCl
- Zinkglukonate
- Selenomethionine
- Manganese-orotat
- Calciumascorbat/Ascorbic Acid 1:1
- Vitamin E-acetat
- N-Acetylcysteine
- L-Glutamine